the bruja toolkit | travel altar in a box

the bruja toolkit | travel altar in a box

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A hinged, wooden box full of everything you need to create a bit of sacred space, wherever you go. 

-California white sage smudge stick 

-palo santo sticks

-juniper smudge stick

-mugwort smudge stick

-dragons blood resin coated sage smudge stick

-amethyst geode

- quartz point

-selenite rose

-selenite wand

-rose quartz

-black tourmaline

-flower pressed candles


-sea shells, including mini abalone

-rose buds

-lavender buds


-copal resin

-frankincense resin

-charcoal tabs


6 x 10 in. box with carved floral motif

4-6 in. smudge sticks.

Contents in images may vary slightly from your kit.

Includes a short codex of all contents, including properties + chakra associations for stones, smudges, shells, etc. 

Smudge Sticks:
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