california dreamin | travel smudge set

california dreamin | travel smudge set

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Earthy, aromatic California White Sage, intended to bless + protect your sacred space or home. 

~smudging herbs
~spell herbs
~candle magick
~altar offering
~add to herbal blends for soaking, smelling etc.

\|/ FlowerchildBruja Tip: Carry California White Sage, in a small jar or sachet with a bit of hematite to soothe headaches + provide a detoxifying + grounding influence.   


'SAGE N' ALL'~ California White Sage + a small abalone shell.  
(A pair of rose quartz chips included.) 

'JUST SAGE'~ Exactly what it sounds like! Just California White Sage! 
(Does not include abalone shell + rose quartz chips.) 

PRACTICAL MAGIC (Applicable info)

*Sage: widely used as a smudging/ smoke cleansing herb. sacred within Native American + Shamanic practices. when burned, the sacred smoke of sage cleanses the ions in the air + the surrounding energies as well. 

**Rose Quartz: heart chakra. root chakra. self love. unconditional, everlasting love. healing. calming.nurturing. mothering. reassuring. promotes friendship. discourages nightmares. cultivates beautiful dreams. supports wonderful sleep, overall. provides support in ‘midlife crisis’. gently comforts grief. invites beauty. supports those who work in fields relating to beauty. protective. encourages empathy.

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