coming up roses | smudge + spell herbs with petite abalone shell

coming up roses | smudge + spell herbs with petite abalone shell

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These sweet, fragrant buds of rose are intended to invoke powerful + loving energies.

Charged with raw rose quartz.

~smudging herbs
~spell herbs
~candle magick
~altar offering
~add to herbal blends for smoking, sipping, soaking, smelling etc.

\|/ FlowerchildBruja Tip: Carry rosebuds in a small sachet close to your heart, to draw in all of the most sublime virtues of love + to aid in healing the heart chakra. You may amplify this sachet with rose quartz, aventurine or other stones + herbs relevant to your hearts intention.

*Rose has an exceptionally high energetic vibration, bestowing the virtues of strength, perfect love + beauty upon all that its essence is applied to + used for.

**Rose Quartz: heart chakra. root chakra. self love. unconditional, everlasting love. healing. calming.nurturing. mothering. reassuring. promotes friendship. discourages nightmares. cultivates beautiful dreams. supports wonderful sleep, overall. provides support in ‘midlife crisis’. gently comforts grief. invites beauty. supports those who work in fields relating to beauty. protective. encourages empathy.

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