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Flower- Powered Magick

Sacred Little Things


Artisan-crafted sacred smoke wands + ritual tools, featuring the highest quality herbs, flowers + crystals, since 2017.

One should never ignore the powerful magick that innately lies within all things of great beauty.

The philosophy of The Flowerchild Bruja is centered around blending spirituality, herbalism, + flower therapy, to provide exceptionally high vibrational cleansing + healing tools, of the utmost potency + beauty, as well.

Love + reverance for our Mother Earth Gaia is gently woven into every + every smudge stick I craft.

Likewise, each order is cleansed + blessed before it leaves my little garden, for yours.

-The Flowerchild Bruja

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Green Garden

The Flowerchild Bruja is proud to create its products with eco-friendly practices, packaging + processes whenever possible, in acceptance of the responsibility we all have in respecting + healing Gaia, our mother Earth.


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