frequently asked questions.

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“i got my smudge sticks, now what?”

Great! Ok so first of all, there is really no right or wrong way to smoke cleanse but people often prefer to do this with doors + windows open, so 1- the energy has a way to be released + 2- this way, the smoke does not become over bearing. 

Before you ignite it, hold your smudge stick in your hand + close your eyes... Now picture your intentions in your mind. You can say your thoughts + wishes out loud or silently  to your self.

Hold the end of the smudge stick over your flame, at an angle for 20-30 seconds or until you get a nice burn going. Gently blow out your flame + then allow the smoke to waft around your environment, paying special attention to corners and underneath furniture as this is where lots of stale energy stagnates. You can use the stick itself to guide the smoke or you may prefer to use a smudging feather.

When you are done smudging, always place your stick in a fire safe tray.

Never leave a smudge stick unattended as its burning.

*For more info about cleansing with sacred smoke, check out our article on Brit + Co : How to Smudge the Right Way (and Why You Should Do It)

which smudge stick should I choose?

A bit of research never hurt anyone, so if you have a specific need for your smudge to fulfill, start by looking into some herbs that will support that intention.

There are so many options to choose from, but the majority of the time, your intuition knows what you need, so you may fair just as well by browsing through the shop + following what you are most naturally drawn to.

There are short descriptions within every listing as well, of course.

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how long will my smudge stick burn? how do I put it out?

Most smudge-sticks are not super long-burning so you may need to reignite them from time to time, if you are smudging more than one room or any large or otherwise expansive space. Some say you should not extinguish your stick but let it burn out on its own, but if you do prefer to put it out, A bit of sand in an abalone shell, or another fire safe dish should do the trick.

For a longer burn, hold the stick over the flame a bit longer wen lighting it + allow it to burn, standing upright in a fire safe dish or cup.

Always practice proper fire safety.